I too have felt the pain and confusion of losing myself. My "wake up call" was packing for a family vacation to Florida and I could not fit into the clothes from the previous summer. So I went out and bought a few things the next size up - AGAIN. Not only did I feel bad about how I looked, it was becoming more difficult to get up each morning to take on the day. I had to face reality, I was 30 pounds overweight, my dream job was not so dreamy, and being a mom and wife were much harder than I had imagined as a little girl. Stress was eating away at my sanity and my relationships. I was exhausted and did not have the energy or a plan to change anything. Eventually I was in so much "pain" that making a change was my only choice. I found success! I now feel and look better than I did in my twenties and YOU can too.  

Today, there are times when I may still have the same level of stress in my life, but now I put my health first. For me this includes choosing nutritious foods, practicing yoga, and meditating everyday so I can manage those difficult times. This new found peace has led me to become a Certified Coach Practitioner, Weight Loss Specialist and Registered Yoga Teacher . You will find that I practice what I teach: "maintain a healthy body while finding inner peace."

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E-RYT 200, CCP, WLS, PN1